March 19, 2014

Day Walker

I asked if
you binge watching
The Walking Dead
was a snippy
ironic gesture
during chemo.

Nah, it's 'cause
your cable sucks.

I asked if that was
snippy and ironic

You shook your head
readjusted a tube
then looked out the window.

To prove your lack of laziness
you dared/threatened/requested
a walk to the children's museum
and aquarium on the pier.

Weather's nice
and your mom got me
that knit cap
in Packer colors.

You hate the packers
and are lukewarm to my mom
but your gusto was convincing
so down through Juneau
past some frisbee players
we walked.

         turned gears
         molded play-do buildings
         cut out sandpaper shapes
         and wanted to pet the sting-rays.

Steve Irwin died this way.

Too much TV?

Not enough;
but he was asking for it

you pointed at the sting-ray
doing back flips
and side-swimming

that one's a showoff
he totally killed Steve.

You moved closer.