March 05, 2014

Mr. Fix-It

You called me that
when I told the tale of using
electrical tape and a thumbtack
to repair a doorknob
my landlord refused.

It sounded awkward
like all the times you called me

Mr. B______

which made me sound
like just a friend
or like my dad.

Getting older or friend-zoned
doesn’t bother me
just like
          according to your daily reminders
having a life eating disease
doesn’t bother you.

But I realized
          as I signed hospital bills
          and talked with an insurance company rep
          named “Steve”
that no one goes into a problem
wanting to embody fixing
or wanting to be categorized
as a fixer

but we do want to fix daily
annoyances and ongoing

You think duct tape
and a thumbtack
will help here?

you point to your
hairless skull
and its circular
scar, stapled.

At least you don’t
point to your heart

or some other part
like your deviated septum

I, or others,
are ill-equipped to repair

and you're obtuse
to having repaired.