February 23, 2014


I don't
know how to
take your pain away.

Insurance isn't enough.

You say


to me
when I say
such lines.

You ask

did you say that
to all the other

And I can't remember

because I'm sure I did

isn't that what nice guys do?

You're not nice
you're convenient

you say between drips
of a morphine-chemo cocktail.

But I'm sure you meant it.

You try to make a
"jerking it" gesture
after you say that.

In the hallway
a father tells his son
who also has cancer
he'll be strong.

I don't want to make
you numb
because you're already there

because of me
because of the previous him
because of the invisible it

coursing through your lungs.

I can only
try to take the pain away
through meaningless words.