March 01, 2014


On our third date
the one that lead to sex
you candidly shared

I fucking hate that I'm older
I like being a kid
it's not a shallow thing
I really like being a kid
and now I do all this adult stuff

I mean, I like some of the adult stuff

you elbowed me

but you get what I'm saying?

Day planners.
Taking the bus to work.
Trying to meet people online.

You winked at me.

I just want to age
like cheddar.

Despite your penchant
for all things vine related
and fermentation
you chose cheddar
over your other friends

pinot, riesling, moscato.

In the second phase of treatment
you scaled back make-up
and when the late afternoon
lake sun hit you through the window
you became older.

When I said like cheddar
you said

Cheese makes you fat.