September 27, 2013

Cat Gut

I don't
admit much

so when doc
done sew me up
with cat gut

usin' fifth string
and sixth string

as bass



I strum
my wound
to find
you wound

me up

let me go

and snap those cords.

September 15, 2013

Hidden in the Hollow

Pops once played blues on
a classical guitar with no
pick and no

Reliving those teen days I felt
up and lovesick and watched him

one two one two three

nylon strings like
veins, his husky fingers slid,
etching out vibrato-bass-

rhythms and high-pitched-

stings, consummating
a found-my-girl rhythm, I had yet

to play.

I was gifted dad’s guitar last Christmas:

one two one two three

notes in chaos from fingers ignorant to her chords.

September 08, 2013

Brief Post

A couple weeks back I wrote about the escalator policy at Barnes & Noble; how do people navigate it, enforce it, etc.?

Heh, as of today, the escalator going down at the Bayshore one: busted.

Apparently, you can damage those things.

Should've heeded Brodie's advice.


September 04, 2013

The Paralytic

                                                      inspired by
                                                      Edna St. Vincent Millay's "The Penitent"

I had a little Fear,
          Born of a racing Mind,
I found a library musty and free
          And invited each, in kind;
And, "go flee, Little Fear," said me,
"And, Racing Mind, quit bein' so fleet,
And upon each poem you will see
          The lover I've tried to find!"

Alas for thorough dreaming--
          That "She" didn't materialize a bit!
As far as seeking a poetic sympathizer,
          "Her" voice didn't gave a shit!
My Little Fear would not flee,
My Racing Mind flew over me--
"To save my heart I need to see
          Another who shares my wit!"

So I got inspired by pirate lore,
          And took m' head out me ass,
And put black Chuck T's on my feet
          To procure this laughing lass.
Since, "I guess my poems aren't being heard,
So fuck it, I'm through bein' a nerd!
If "she" don't appreciate a kind word,
          why, I might as well give this new one,