April 25, 2008

Butterfly Effect

Windy day. Kinda day where garbage bins, recycle bins, and other such plastic containers fly up and down suburban blocks, mysteriously moving houses, hiding in bushes, winding up in the street. Good times.

On a walk today I found one of these free roaming friends in the street. I moved it. Continued. Drove past it, and it was back. Moved it. Drove on. Returned from writing, saw it had moved back, moved it, put a rock in it, and went about my day. Hour later, passed it again. Damn thing was in the street...lying next to the rock.

We all have days like this. Do our best to help out. Make a difference. Small stuff, you know? While you hope that your tiny good deed pays dividends for others, sometimes it's windy. Sometimes it's about diligence, perseverance, even if it means doing the same thing again and again and again.